The photo above captures a quite moment on my girls 1 st birthday party. Little did I know last summer that 2 months after her second birthday, if all goes well I will become a proud mama of three.

I’ve learned a lot from my children. And I’m learning each and every day.

As my passion is organizing and interior design let me  share with you 4 insights I gained during the last 3,5 years I can call myself a mom.

#1: People

You can do it. No need to invite your mom or your mother in law the first couple of weeks to help around your precious newborn. You will be full of energy and the sleep deprivation won’t yet kick in. If your partner can be home with you, you can bond as a family and learn together how to take care of your baby. Figure out what works best for you. And when you are more confident (and tiered) you can invite the eager grandmothers.

#2: Clothes:

Stick to the essentials.  Chances are that the cute onesies you bought in advance are either to big or to small so don’t stock up to much in advance. 5 or six will suffice and then you or Mr. can buy the perfect size after you are  home from the hospital. Keep in mind  that it is always easier to remove stubborn stains out of white  garments. An added bonus is that they are gender neutral.

#3: Toys:

Quality over quantity. They will play with your kitchen utensils anyway. I recommend to set up an easy toy rotation system as soon they start to really interact with their toys.  Inventiveness and fantasy will bloom more freely. Communication is key when it comes to well meaning friends and relatives. Guide them if possible towards  gifts that your darling will enjoy.

#4: Furniture:

It’s all about the crib. Your precious bundle of joy will sleep in it for the next 3 years.  Don’t worry,  you will spend many hours sitting and kneeling next to it as well. Yes, you can even fall asleep while hanging over it.   Therefore the crib and it’s surrounding must be utmost comfortable not only for your child but for you as well. Think warm rug for your bare feet and something relaxing to sit on. You will thank me when you have to jump out of your bed in the middle of the night.  For the fifth time.

You will need  a dresser with or without changing table too. We always change and dress the kids in the bathroom after they play in the tub for a while so we keep one in there. Adding more as you both live in there is always easier then doing a complete redecoration because you realize that the layout is wrong and not practical at all.

So tell me, what organizational challenge are you struggling with the most at the moment? I would love to hear.

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