Last Sunday morning my daughter asked me If she could comb my hair. We sat down in the living room and she started carefully and methodically her task while her baby sister watched her closely.

The sun was shining. My son was playing with his Lego’s.

Pure bliss.

I suddenly had a vision on how our Sundays will look like in a couple of years. Just how I imagined having kids would feel like. Pure happiness. Understanding. Caring for each other. Appreciating each other. Being there for each other.


Motherhood is hard hard work. Picking up, feeding, nurturing, teaching. Watching how and what we say to our kids. Picking up again. Holding. Shushing.

And sometimes amidst the craziness we experience flashes of delight, of magic. And we have to be grateful for them. Notice them. And savor them.

The first couple of years is super intense. To be honest, sometimes when people tell me:  “Oh appreciate it! They grow up so fast”. I’m like.. yeah yeah, I do. But can you please watch them for 5 minutes?  I want to have a nap/eat/stare at the walls.

It’s okay if you still don’t have everything figured out. When you still have arguments with your partner about how to raise your kids. When you can’t remember the last time you slept until you were actually awake by yourself.

Nonetheless we need to find ways of not only surviving but also enjoying this time of our life.

Sometimes realizing we need help is the first and also the biggest step to take. And help can come in the form of a community of moms who are in the same situation as you are. Helping you realize you’re not alone and what you are feeling is perfectly normal.

Don’t let guilt overwhelm you. It’s okay to feel tired and alone. And it’s okay to ask for help.

Help might also come in the form of someone helping you out with the housework, or taking care of your little ones while you enjoy some well deserved “me time”.  Or someone who guides you and helps you create  custom systems to make your life easier.

Just don’t be afraid to ask.

By asking for help, you’ll find ways to handle the downsides of motherhood. And you will soon feel the happiness, the strength, the reward that motherhood carries with it.

And when you’re in doubt just watch your little ones smiling and enjoying their childhood, and ask yourself “what can I do to make my life easier”?

Over to you!

Tell me, If you could choose one thing to delegate today, so that you’d feel happier or more relaxed today, what would it be?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!