Being a mom with busy kids’ schedules who also runs businesses, something has to give and for me it was the house. Before working with Adrienn there was just lots of clutter everywhere and absolutely no systems in place to manage it. Having to nag and bribe my kids constantly to do the dishes, put laundry away, and clean their room was stressful to say the least.

I was skeptical whether I’d actually make time for the course and do the work, and whether or not the changes I made would stick.

I liked her personal approach, found the exercises simple and effective and not overwhelming and enjoyed feeling good about small “wins” and really good about big changes. Organizing my back office wall for example was a big one for me. My office space is more functional and less stressful for me to work in.

The expectation of regularly doing the dishes and putting the laundry away and tidying up their rooms has definitely helped with less nagging. Now I only need to ask a couple of times and not threaten to punish!

Rachel Pontillo

bestselling author, licensed aesthetician; and health, nutrition, and holistic skincare educator, Holistically Haute

Adrienn helped me organize my child’s clutter craziness.

She gave me ideas for keeping the chaos under control and permission to pass along items that no longer served our family. Due to this guidance my son’s room is now my favorite space in the whole house!

Meg Cassebolt

owner, designer, Casebolt Creative

“My home is pretty neat and relatively organized, but I felt like it was lacking soul. I have much more clarity as to what I want to create.

I was seriously impressed with her kindness and laser focused listening to my needs. She had really practical suggestions that did not require me to spend any money.

I would recommend her because she gave me clarity, peace of mind and a doable action plan to take forward. As mothers, we can become lost in the daily tasks of parenting and do not create a space for ourselves to feel nurtured in our own homes.

Adrienn gives us permission to create a home that is a haven and where the whole family benefits. A happy mama makes for a happy family and Adrienn is exactly who you need to be able to create that!”

Olga Dosa

yoga teacher, mentor, Peaceful Mothering

I am so grateful to have worked with Adrienn and her Tidy Temple program.

She’s amazing! I’ve got a busy household with two young boys, and the house is typically overwhelmed with toys and paperwork. Plus I’ve had boxes of “storage stuff” in the basement and garage for, well, years.

Creating a space that feels right – not to mention organized – has seemed like an insurmountable task. But no longer! Adrienn’s refreshing perspective and real, actionable tips make it possible. And in fact, her calm nature, good humor and down-to-earth approach even make the process fun! (Who knew)?

Adrienn, I can’t thank you enough!

Christine Callahan-Oke

personal empowerment coach, writer, Your Inspired Life